High volume data entry

Data entry processes including, Questionnaire Coding and Editing, Online Data Capturing ,Onsite and offsite Data Capture and Verification, Data Cleaning and Analysis, Printing and Scanning, After data capturing our Output Formats includes but not limited to:

-> Flat ASCII files (Text)
-> Comma delimited files
-> Tab delimited
-> Microsoft Access files
-> Microsoft Excel files

  • entry of individual information (generation of Elector's Voter ID cards, PAN Cards for Income Tax Department)
  • entry of Survey forms (Below Poverty Line Census, Govt. Of Rajasthan)
  • entry of Accounts Transactions for financial institutions. (Daily Vouchers, invoices, and other transactions)
  • entry of candidate registration for examinations (Competitive Examinations, Education Boards)
  • entry from digital images, that is, image to text transcrpitions for various kinds of documents such as tax records, medical records, survey forms, Application forms and diaries